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Contract Details

Public Works ID No:
RFQ CMSS ESER 2020 Bond Program
Request for Bids or Qualifications/Proposals
Estimated Cost/Contract Amount:
In excess of $9,500,000.00
Due Date:
Due Time:
Bid/Proposal Submission Location:
Consultants shall submit Proposals as specified and required in the RFQ package.
2190 consecutive calendar days
Project Zip Code:
Advertisement Date:
Contact Type Contact Name Contact Email
Contract Manager Charles Higueras DPW-CMSSESER2020@sfdpw.org
CMD Officer Antonio Tom Antonio.Tom@sfgov.org
Pre-Bid/Pre-Proposal Conference
Virtually through Microsoft Teams: Join on your computer or mobile app: Link on Announcement document attached Or call in (audio only) +1 415-906-4659 Phone Conference ID: 770 120 731#
Project Scope
Project Description
Construction Management Support Services Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response 2020 Bond Program
Insurance Type Amount
  1. The City and County of San Francisco (City) seeks to retain the services of two (2) consultant firm(s) (CMSS Teams) to provide construction management support services (CMSS) for two (2) subsets of projects under the Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response 2020 Bond Program, including assisting with the development of the projects through all phases: Pre-construction, Design and Construction, Project Close-out, and Post-Construction Phase of the projects. The CMSS Team may be an individual firm or a Joint Venture (JV).
  2. The scope of services to be performed by the CMSS Teams will be re-evaluated as deemed necessary by the City at key milestone dates. Award of contract neither guarantees all or a portion of the work described herein, nor does it guarantee that the entire amount of award would be expended.
  3. This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) sets forth the minimum qualifications required, describes the anticipated scope of work, and defines the selection process. Please read these requirements carefully, as the selection of the most qualified team will be based on criteria contained in the RFQ document.
  4. The City has a Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Program, under Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) and all qualified firms are encouraged to submit proposals. Proposers are required to engage in good faith efforts to include 20% participation from locally certified LBE firms. Attendance at a pre-proposal meeting can be counted towards the good faith outreach steps. For further information regarding CMD subcontracting requirements contact Antonio Tom by email at Antonio.Tom@sfgov.org. For more information also refer to section 9, Appendix B of the RFQ, or CMD’s web page https://sfgov.org/cmd/.
  5. It is anticipated that the contract for services will occur in incremental stages over the duration of six (6) years. The City expects the selected Proposers to commit to the terms of the resulting agreement for this duration. Depending on the awarded scope of work, the total contract amount may not exceed $1 Million for Contract A and $8.5 Million for Contract B. At any time during the contract negotiation and/or during the terms of the contract, the City may at its discretion add or subtract scope, and re-assign work scope among different consultant teams and City staff at any time.
  6. The City accepts no responsibility to any prospective consultant or sub-consultant, financially or otherwise, for the failure of any contingency requiring the postponement or cancellation of this RFQ or any or all contracts within the Earthquakes Safety and Emergency Response 2020 Bond Program.
  7. Submittals will be accepted until 4:00 P.M. Pacific Time, February 23, 2021. Consultants shall submit Proposals as specified and required in the RFQ package. Late submittals will not be considered. Additional Information and Digital files of the RFQ Package may be downloaded at no cost through the Supplier Portal. Notices regarding Addenda and other RFQ changes will also be posted in the Supplier Portal.
  8. Questions regarding the RFQ must be submitted no later than January 21, 2021, by email to DPW-CMSSESER2020@sfdpw.org.
  9. The pre-proposal conference for this RFQ will be held virtually through Microsoft Teams at 10:30am, on January 7, 2021. Join on your computer or mobile app: Link on Announcement attached Or call in (audio only) +1 415-906-4659 Phone Conference ID: 770 120 731#
  10. In accordance with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 6, no proposal is accepted and no contract in excess of the threshold amount, currently $706,000, and as amended from time to time, is awarded by the City and County of San Francisco until such time as (a) the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee approves the contract for award and (b) the Director of Public Works then issues an order of award. Pursuant to Charter Section 3.105, all contract awards are subject to certification by the Controller as to the availability of funds.
  11. Consultants with billing classifications subject to prevailing wages on public works projects may not be awarded a contract unless such Consultants are registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) at the time of award. Please visit the DIR website for more information: http://www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html.
  12. This Contract is subject to the requirements of Administrative Code Chapter 12X, which prohibits the City from entering into any Contract with a Consultant that has its United States headquarters in a state with laws that perpetuate discrimination against LGBT populations (“Covered State”) or where any or all of the work on the contract will be performed in any of those states. A list of states on the Covered State List can be found at: http://sfgsa.org/chapter-12x-anti-lgbt-state-ban-list.
Bid Documents or RFQ/P Package
  1. Digital files of the RFQ Package may be downloaded at no cost at: https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/Events-BS3/event-search.aspx. Notices regarding Addenda and other RFQ changes will be posted to the same webpage. Additional information is available from the Public Works’ Contracts, Bid Opportunities and Payments webpage at: www.sfpublicworks.org.
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